Boxing for 30 Days: What Results to Expect

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    Setting a goal of boxing for 30 days is a great way to start. That’s enough time to start establishing good habits that can lead to better mental and physical health.

    According to experts, it takes at least four weeks to start seeing noticeable results from working out. These results can range from improved muscle mass and a slimmer waistline to improved mood, better sleep, and increased self-esteem and confidence. 

    So, what should be expected after boxing for 30 days? Let’s break it down.

    What Results Can You Expect After Boxing for 30 Days?

    The specific results from boxing for 30 days will vary from one person to another. However, there are some general benefits that most people should expect to experience after boxing for 30 days. 

    1. Establish and Maintain A Healthy Workout Habit

    Building new habits can be a challenge. But experts say that repeating behaviors that help you feel good inside and out can hardwire your brain to create a lasting habit.

    Sometimes, though, getting started is the most challenging part of developing a good habit. By setting a goal of boxing for 30 days, participants can get into a healthy workout habit that will last long past the initial 30 days.

    2. Gain Mastery of Boxing Techniques and Fundamentals

    One or two boxing classes aren’t enough to get the fundamentals down. Because it requires a certain amount of agility, boxing requires repetition to learn and master the moves.

    Boxing for 30 days allows athletes to get to know each move. They will have repeated exposure to different actions and routines that ensure mastery of the fundamentals before moving on to the next level. Becoming familiar with boxing fundamentals can also help prevent injury.

    3. Feel Lighter and Stronger with Less Muscle Soreness

    There’s no way to sugarcoat it – athletes are typically extremely sore after their first few boxing classes, especially if they have never done a workout like boxing before. That’s because boxing hits every muscle group, including the ones people forget about or don’t know exist.

    While sore muscles might be bothersome at first, it’s essential to understand that initial soreness is not a bad thing and will go away over time. It’s very important not to sit around and wait for the soreness to dissipate on its own. Moving and stretching those muscles before, during and after a workout will help the soreness go away more quickly.

    Focusing on the goal of boxing for 30 days means going back to the gym instead of giving up and spending time on the couch. It doesn’t take long for the human body to get used to a new workout and start feeling good instead of sore the next day. 

    Boxing for 30 days is also enough time for the body to start adjusting. During this time participants will start building muscle mass and burning fat, resulting in a lighter and leaner look and feel.

    4. Improved Mental Outlook

    People are more stressed than ever these days. Fortunately, boxing is an excellent all-natural stress reliever. There’s no better way to take out aggression after a tough day than to throw some punches at a heavy bag. 

    Spending 30 days boxing will help athletes feel less stressed and more focused. They will have improved self-esteem and confidence after tackling a new challenge and coming out triumphantly. 

    Additionally, people who box may sleep better at night. Researchers agree that aerobic exercise can improve sleep quality and help stave off daytime sleepiness. Getting enough sleep is essential for overall health.

    5. New Friends and Belonging to A Community

    A final benefit of boxing for 30 days is getting to know other boxers and becoming part of a welcoming community of people who want to get fit and have fun. Boxers will cheer each other on and encourage them to reach their full potential. Spending 30 days boxing is enough time to start making new friends and becoming an integral part of the boxing community. 

    Try Boxing for 30 Days at X3 Sports

    Athletes of all shapes, sizes and abilities can start boxing for 30 days at X3 Sports in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Classes are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced boxers who want to learn new moves, get fit and make new friends. 

    In addition, X3 offers a Body Assessment to all members to set a baseline and track progress. During the assessment, trainers will evaluate body measurement, body composition, weight, and other metrics to document the changes taking place. Sign up for a free Body Assessment today.

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