Cardio Boxing: 3 Tips to Increase Performance

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    What is Cardio Boxing?

    There’s a new fitness craze taking the world by storm that provides real-world value: cardio boxing. High-energy group boxing classes are one of the most effective ways to get in shape fast and learn critical self-defense skills.

    Cardio boxing is a full-body workout that leverages the resistance of heavy punching bags to burn calories, tone arm, leg and core muscles, improve cardiovascular health, and reduce stress levels. With rapid bursts of repetitive movement hitting 120 lb bags, you’ll build strength, lose weight, and achieve your fitness goals faster than more static forms of aerobic exercise. 

    So, how do you get the most out of your cardio boxing class? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of boxing and provide tips to maximize your workout. 

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    Top Cardio Boxing Benefits

    The great thing about boxing is that it improves your health and wellness in many different ways at the same time. Through a mix of strength and endurance training, cardio boxing classes are fun and challenging. Participants tend to leave a one-hour class feeling lighter and happier, with new friends and revitalized confidence. 

    The benefits of cardio boxing are endless. Here are a few of our favorites: 

    Great Aerobic Exercise

    At first, it might seem like boxing is all strength, and it certainly requires and builds a lot of that! But it’s also a very intense cardio workout that can boost your endurance, lower blood pressure and help you lose weight.

    Cardio boxing classes are filled with action. In one class, you can expect to perform a series of rapid stop-and-go movements, including pivots, lunges and punches, that keep your heart elevated and the calories burning. 

    As a form of high intensity interval training, your body will need to dip into your fat stores to find enough energy to make it through the next challenge. Workout routines with intense bursts that are followed by brief periods of rest are known to increase your metabolic heart rate for hours, making it easier to lose weight while improving overall cardiovascular health. As your endurance improves, you’ll find that your energy levels will increase for all different kinds of activities throughout the day. 

    Boxing Techniques Combined With Conditioning

    In a typical class at X3 Sports, we’ve designed well-rounded boxing workouts that mix intense conditioning training with fundamental techniques. We’ll teach and practice proper boxing form so that you can get the most out of your jabs and maximize safety. 

    Cardio boxing classes incorporate standard boxing training through a mix of heavy bag work, mitt drills and shadow boxing. By utilizing both heavy bag work and sparring with an actual opponent, participants build strength and learn critical self-defense skills.

    Beginner Friendly Classes

    At X3 Sports, our cardio boxing classes are led by experienced trainers who build cardio boxing workout regimens for people of every fitness and experience level. When doing heavy bag work, YOU are in control of the intensity of your workout since you control the power that you’re packing into each punch.

    Instructors will show you the ropes if you’re a beginner, teaching you basic form and taking time to provide individualized instruction so that you can master the technique. If you’re an experienced boxer, instructors will provide advanced conditioning techniques so that you can take your boxing routine to the next level. X3 Sports also offers advanced boxing classes where you can spar with other veteran boxers. 

    In all cases, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed or lost in class. While this is a group activity, our instructors will always take the time to provide individualized feedback. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early so that our experienced staff can give you a tour of the facility and familiarize you with boxing equipment. 

    Engaging and Fun: Never Boring

    Cardio boxing is conducted in a high-energy group environment where everyone is challenged to step out of their comfort zone. No one cardio boxing class is ever the same, which maximizes the fun, keeps you on your toes, and ensures the effectiveness of workouts by targeting different muscle groups at different times.

    Since these classes are never stale, you’re constantly being challenged to learn and try new things. The drip of new experiences will keep you coming back for more. 

    Great Way to Relieve Stress

    What better way to alleviate the stress of your day than by hitting a heavy bag with a boxing glove? Take your aggression out in a safe, productive and healthy manner using proper boxing technique on an inanimate object.

    You’ll boost endorphins as you sweat your way through endurance training and be lifted even higher by your supportive classmates and instructors who set an exciting tone from the minute you set foot on the mat. Boxing will elevate your mood and build confidence that you’ll carry with you throughout the day. Plus, did we mention it’s really gratifying to hit heavy bags and spar with opponents? 

    Now that you know all about how cardio boxing can help you reach your fitness goals and improve your mental health, our trainers at X3 Sports put together a few recommendations on how to get the most out of your boxing training:

    From X3 Sports: Tips to Increase Performance

    Now that you know all about how cardio boxing can help you reach your fitness goals and improve your mental health, our trainers at X3 Sports put together a few recommendations on how to get the most out of your boxing training.

    Intentional Pre-Workout Nutrition to Build Energy

    To get the most out of your workout, it’s important to fuel your body with the right nutrition so that you can dip into powerful energy sources while boxing and have the tools your body needs to repair its muscles once you’ve finished a session. Your muscles crave a healthy cadre of carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and plenty of water.

    Consider eating complex carbohydrates and high-quality protein, such as whole grains, protein smoothies, fruit, fish and eggs. You can also try a pre-workout supplement for a dose of the vital nutrients needed to sustain yourself through a difficult workout class. X3 Sports offers member discounts to Playa Bowls (25%) and FreshNFit Cuisine (10%).

    Stretching Before And After to Reduce Injury 

    In order to loosen your muscles to reduce the chance of injury, it’s helpful to spend time warming up and stretching before and after class.

    Stretching increases flexibility and muscle elasticity, which can enhance performance and decrease your chances of injury. Light exercise raises your heart rate and sends blood flow to your muscles, which prepares them (and your cardiovascular system) for the heavier loads they’ll inevitably see in your cardio boxing class. 

    While all X3 Sports classes include a component of this, we invite you to use the ample gym space and cardio machines, such as treadmills, to do more on your own.

    Consistency to Amplify Progression

    Try going to three classes a week. Consistency builds muscles evenly and consistently so that you’re able to reach your fitness goals faster. Regular practice also keeps technique fresh in your mind so that you’re ready to hit the ground running next class.

    Plus, it’s much easier to make new friends. Ready to make cardio boxing a regular part of your schedule? See you Wednesday at 6pm!

    Try the Best Boxing Classes in Atlanta 

    With so many benefits, it’s clear why cardio boxing has become one of the most popular fitness classes among men and women. X3 Sports has world-class trainers, clean facilities and convenient class times. With five locations across Atlanta, Marietta and Athens, X3 Sports meets you where you are, on your time. 

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