Fight & Flow: A Yoga and Kickboxing Workout That Benefits Everyone

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    Are you looking for a full-body workout that builds strength and flexibility? No matter your personal fitness goal, whether it’s to lose weight, build lean muscle, increase your flexibility, improve your mobility, get healthier or even just “start exercising,” there’s one class that can help you knock a lot of those off your list: Fight & Flow at X3 Sports, which meshes elements of yoga and kickboxing.

    Fight & Flow combines bodyweight calisthenics with basic martial arts, marrying some of our favorite sequences from yoga and kickboxing. By integrating movements from Mixed Martial Arts and yoga poses, you’ll learn tools that help you manage stress, improve your mood, increase flexibility, boost endurance and get stronger.

    Our Fight & Flow class incorporates the anaerobic and aerobic intensity of kickboxing but with the breath and deep stretching of yoga. It provides a variety of health benefits, such as bringing your attention to your breathing. Did you know that mindfulness and breathing can slow down your breath and your mind, helping to relieve stress and stabilize your blood pressure?

    Imagine a fitness class that intentionally keeps your mind from wandering, your state calm, and your attention focused, all while you’re leaping toward your workout goals and discovering new tools to better navigate the ups and downs of life. This is Fight & Flow.


    Whether you’re a beginner who’s just getting into fitness or a seasoned athlete looking to diversify your workout, this combination of yoga and kickboxing is for you.

    Fight & Flow has something for everyone. For beginners, finding a new workout routine can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you want a cardio workout or to build lean muscle. Or maybe you really want to stretch and focus on mindfulness. Since our Fight & Flow class incorporates both yoga and kickboxing fundamentals, you’ll be able to dip into both words at the same time.

    If you’re just setting out on your fitness journey, you will be able to explore the intensity of exercise, while maintaining ample time for ease through stretching and breathing. You’ll learn new yoga and kickboxing techniques with Fight & Flow, and even discover what kind of exercises you enjoy, whether it’s the bang of intensity that kickboxing or another kind of martial arts offers, or the ease and flow of yoga and meditation.

    If you’re a more seasoned athlete or fitness class regular, Fight & Flow can help you fine-tune your yoga and kickboxing techniques and pay attention to the foundational elements of your fitness, like flexibility and mobility.


    One of the great things about this unique class is that it’s accessible to anyone and everyone. When you come try our yoga and kickboxing mesh at X3 Sports, we’ll provide everything you need so all you have to do is show up. The only thing you need to bring to your Fight & Flow class is your body and a willingness to learn. The simplicity of this class alone is a great stress reliever if you’ve had a rough day, but it also means that you can incorporate some of what you learn in this intentional practice into your lifestyle outside of the gym.

    Check out all our virtual classes at our X3 Sports Virtual Studio.


    Fight & Flow weaves together poses, movements, and exercises from yoga and kickboxing that are designed to help you get more flexible while improving cardio and strength. During the 45 minute session, you will focus on mobility to keep you balanced and learn how focusing on your breath can help push through even the hardest challenges of life, whether it be upsetting personal news or a physically demanding activity, such as hiking or taking a new kind of fitness class out of your comfort zone.

    By going inward and focusing on your breath while undergoing physical challenges, you’ll gain critical tools to help improve your fitness routine and your life in general.


    Fight & Flow combines exercises and moves from other types of workouts and classes, such as boxing, yoga and kickboxing. In that sense, Fight & Flow serves as a great petri dish of discovery, where you will explore a variety of maneuvers and tools, some that you might really enjoy. As an X3 Sports member, you’ll have access to a wide range of classes with a diverse set of mental and physical health benefits. Before you know it, you may have 2 or 3 other workouts added to your exercise routine and health plan. Or, perhaps you’ll decide that you want to dive into yoga and kickboxing individually.


    Another great benefit of Fight & Flow is it can serve as an excellent warm-up or cool-down class before or after another class at X3 Sports. It’s so easy to adjust the level of intensity of your Fight & Flow workout, which means that you can treat it as your workout for the day or use it as a way to prepare for or recover from another class.

    Fight and flow does not focus on a single muscle group so you can take the class as a standalone full-body workout if you choose to up your own personal intensity. Or, you can relax into the yoga and kickboxing moves and simmer your effort.

    Since you control the reins of your workout at Fight & Flow, the calories you can burn in a single session vary widely between 250 and 750 calories. If you want to shoot for the higher range, you can give each move your all with greater intensity and weight. If you want to supplement another workout, you can practice the yoga and kickboxing moves with ease so that you keep your energy output low while still benefiting from stretching and intentional breathing.


    As you begin to explore Fight and Flow, you’ll find that we use guided imagery through a combination of elements of Tai Chi and other breathing exercises.  As you become more accustomed to the class, you will be able to focus on your breathing, meticulously inhaling and exhaling to effectively perform each yoga and kickboxing technique.

    Mental Health is such an important aspect of our daily life that it is vital we try to remember life is all about balance.


    In addition to Fight & Flow, we offer a variety of other full body workout classes designed for people at all fitness levels. Dive into our website to check out our full lineup of class offerings. If you’re still not sure where to start, consider working with one of our personal trainers. All of our members receive a free body assessment that can determine your current fitness level so that you can set a baseline from which you can achieve your personal goals. A trainer will work with you based on your current fitness levels to develop a custom training plan. To learn more about the benefits of personal training, read our tips for hiring a personal trainer.

    Follow the Instagrams of our Fight & Flow class and of instructor Matt Thomas to learn more about all the health benefits of this unique yoga and kickboxing class. Take your first class for free at any of our five locations to learn if Fight & Flow and the vibrant fitness community at X3 Sports are right for you!

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