How To Get The Most Out Of Your Kickboxing HIIT Workout

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    By participating in a kickboxing HIIT workout, you can expect to burn significantly more calories than a regular trip to the gym through aerobic self-defense instruction. If you walked into a gym without knowing anything about it, you’d immediately be able to identify the kickboxing classes, which are full of motivating music, spark and fun. 

    A typical kickboxing HIIT workout involves a series of punching and kicking maneuvers, including knee and elbow jabs, and fast footwork like lunging pivots, in a high-energy group environment. As a type of martial art and contact sport, kickboxing is loaded with cardio movement and strength-building exercises that work out the entire body. With all of kickboxing’s high-intensity stop-and-go movements, a core feature of High Intensity Interval Training, participants are able to burn more calories than regular exercise, up to 1,000 in a single hour! 

    Trainers design each kickboxing HIIT workout to be challenging and fun so that participants feel intense gratification as they learn new moves, improve their endurance, tone their muscles, and build confidence through consistent practice. 

    Just showing up to class will supercharge your health and fitness goals, helping you to:

    • Burn calories
    • Improve cardiovascular health
    • Increase arm, leg and core strength
    • Reduce stress
    • Release endorphins
    • Boost your metabolism
    • Become more flexible 

    But to maximize the effectiveness of your kickboxing HIIT workout, to begin looking and feeling how you want even faster, we suggest incorporating these tips into your workout routine.

    How to Get the Most Out of Your HIIT Kickboxing Workout

    Fuel With Healthy Pre-And-Post-Workout Foods

    High-intensity workouts are defined by short, intense bursts of energy that require your body to dip into its fat stores in order to amass the energy required to complete the challenge. In order to give your body the fuel it needs, your muscles crave a healthy cadre of carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and plenty of water.

    Nutrition can make or break a good session at the gym, fueling your workout from start to finish and supporting muscle repair when you are done to help you recover even faster. Ahead of a workout, it’s helpful to eat complex carbohydrates and high-quality protein, such as whole grains, protein smoothies, fruit, greek yogurt, fish and eggs. You can also try a pre-workout supplement for a dose of the vital nutrients needed to sustain yourself through a difficult workout class. 

    After finishing your kickboxing HIIT workout, your metabolism will be elevated for hours. In order to build back faster, your body will crave foods that refuel and replenish, such as carbs, proteins and amino acids that restoratively refill your glycogen stores and repair muscle tissue.

    At X3 Sports, we offer member discounts to on-site and nearby eateries, including 25% off at Playa Bowls and 10% off FreshNFit Cuisine, to get you a jumpstart on nutrition. If you aren’t sure about what you should be eating to maximize your workout, schedule a fitness and body assessment (free for members!) to gauge your fitness levels and establish measurable goals.

    By eating the right foods, you’ll lose weight and tone muscles faster, feel less sore and sluggish, and recuperate for your next kickboxing HIIT workout in no time.  

    Push Into Your Discomfort

    You know your body better than anyone and you know how to push it into beneficial levels of discomfort. To maximize your kickboxing HIIT workout, get comfortable in the uncomfortable. One of the best parts of kickboxing is that you are your greatest opponent. You determine how fast and hard you’re throwing jabs against the 120lb heavy bag. That means that you have the freedom to dial up and down the intensity based on your level of fitness. 

    In your kickboxing class, it’s helpful to maintain active communication with your trainer to let them know if you can take it to the next level or need to rest (and we highly encourage you to feel comfortable taking rests and drinking water when necessary). But remember, you’re at the helm of your workout and our instructors are there to guide, support and push you.

    Did you know? Your workouts are more effective when you’re operating in a zone of safe discomfort. When your heart rate is at about 70% of your maximum heart rate, you’re operating in what experts refer to as your “fat-burning heart rate.” Getting to that optimal level requires pushing past your comfort zone and sustaining it for a period of time.

    Stretch Before and After Your Workout

    Stretching has been proven to increase flexibility and muscle elasticity, which can enhance performance and decrease your chances of injury. We know how easy it can be to skip this step, but it’s critical to incorporate warm ups and cool downs as a natural part of your workout routine. 

    With any type of exercise, warming up loosens your muscles before you begin to put them through rigorous activity. As you lightly jog, speedily walk, or glide on an elliptical machine or stationary bike, you are raising your heart rate and sending blood flow to your muscles. This shakes off the proverbial cobwebs in your arms and legs by increasing their elasticity and preparing your cardiovascular system for heavier loads. 

    Make sure that you’re taking advantage of the spaces your gym offers to lightly exercise and stretch before and after your kickboxing HIIT workout. X3 Sports incorporates warm ups and cool downs into our classes, but we encourage you to use the gym space and our cardio machines to do even more.

    Be Open to Learning Something New

    Your trainers are experienced professionals who excel at guiding people of all fitness and experience levels through a top-notch workout that will push your limits. During class, you’ll learn proper form and martial arts techniques that might initially require a slight learning curve. Unlike more traditional cardio workouts, such as running, however, kickboxing offers participants the chance to increase their self defense knowledge. 

    Whether you’re a veteran kickboxer or stepping into a kickboxing HIIT workout for the very first time, lean on your instructors for guidance. Feel free to ask them questions about why certain exercises are better than others and how some of the moves you’re practicing can help you in a real-world situation should you ever need to defend yourself.

    At X3 Sports, our trainers will always take the time to offer individualized support and education. All you have to do is be open to learning something new and ask for help if you’re unsure about the technicals. 


    The great thing about joining a gym is the opportunity to build community and make new friends. You’re more likely to build exercising into a healthy habit if you have friends cheering you on the whole way.

    X3 Sports has five convenient locations in the Atlanta Metro and Athens areas, making it easy to socialize with other X3 warriors no matter where you live and work. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and make workout plans with new friends – that way you’ll keep inspiring and pushing each other along your respective fitness journeys! 

    Make X3 Sports Your Destination for HIIT Kickboxing Workouts

    Kickboxing is an intensely fun workout that will help you reach your fitness goals and build community. At X3 Sports, our kickboxing HIIT workouts and trainers will push you to limits you didn’t know you had, while our data-backed assessments will guide you to optimized performance and health. Learn self-defense while crushing cardiovascular goals – book your first class with X3 Sports for free today to see if a membership is right for you!

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