Member Spotlight: Averi Baker and Her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Success

Sports training for youth is not just a great way to stay in shape it can also help build confidence, have a part in discipline, and improve overall behavior. Averi Baker has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about a year at X3 Sports Inman Park and has already seen so much success at a young age. Her uncle enrolled her in our BJJ Program and since then, Averi’s love for this sport has grown immensely. The 11 year old, has competed in 3 tournaments since her start and has successfully won gold medals at all 3 competitions including a bronze medal in her age division. She is a combined 6-1 in her division in both Gi and NoGi competing against boys and girls from top ranked Jiu Jitsu teams. 

Averi Baker’s Gold Medals and 1st Place COPA America sword

”My favorite memory is from the first tournament I won. I was scared because I had only been training  BJJ for 6 or 7 months but when I won it boosted my confidence and I love it now!”

Not only has Averi seen great success in BJJ, her success has translated off the mat as well. Averi is now an honor roll student at the charter school in which she attends. Since enrolling in X3 Sports BJJ program, Averi’s grades have increased and her behavior has improved.

“It (BJJ) helps me with self-discipline and controlling my anger because I usually hold it in but when I come here I can train and take my anger out.”

Enrolling your child in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be a scary thing but do not fret. Our BJJ programs are designed to teach your child skills and life lessons as their training continues.

Averi and Coach Daniel Hunt at X3 Sports Inman Park

“Coach Daniel is my instructor and he is the best! My favorite thing about training is when we get to roll and my favorite move would have to be the armbar because it is fun to do! I also really like Gi because there’s more submissions you can do.”

BJJ is a great way to meet new friends, build confidence, and overall improve self discipline.

“My advice to someone wanting to start training BJJ is to just do it. It’s really fun! I see myself training BJJ for a very long time.”

Averi is a mature, well-spoken, and enthusiastic 11 year old with a very bright future ahead of her! X3 Sports is proud that she is a member of our family and can’t wait to see her continued success! Keep working hard Averi!

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