Robert Hollander

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    I signed up right then and there after my X3 Sports tour. I saw all the energy and excitement and the classes and the enthusiasm…it’s infectious! It was a no brainer.

    What motivated me to get fit is this desire to not be like my father (who was immobile in his later years). Whatever years I live, I want them to be quality. To be able to enjoy life. What motivates me now is every week, I can see an improvement. I can see the difference, but more importantly, I can feel the difference. My general level of fitness is also much higher than it was in the past.

    My confidence and self-esteem have gone way up, especially when dealing with members of the opposite sex. My success rate has gone way up as far as meeting ladies and going on dates, it went from nothing to a lot. With the only difference being, I’m exercising.

    My next goal is to integrate something along with my five personal training sessions a week. That goal is to return to the original objective of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. SEE MORE OF ROBERT’S STORY ON OUR BLOG*

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