Why You’ll Love X3’s Boxing Classes

Whether you’re an X3 warrior who’s interested in trying out boxing or someone who’s looking for a new (or maybe your very first?) boxing gym, X3’s boxing classes are a great option to explore. They’re an amazing way to burn calories (like, a lot of them), lose weight, tone up, improve coordination, boost your energy levels, and—one of its lesser-known benefits—build confidence. So, what makes X3’s boxing classes different (and, dare we say, better?) than those offered by other fitness establishments? We’re glad you asked. Check out why you’ll love X3’s boxing classes:

They’re beginner-friendly

Never stepped into the ring (or even thrown a punch)? Our Beginner Boxing class is for you! Every class is taught by skilled, experienced trainers who know how to work with warriors who are just starting out. 

Our trainers teach you proper technique, help you avoid common pitfalls, offer tips and pointers, and help you master new moves and drills, so you can get a great workout while protecting your joints. And they’ll also load you up with healthy doses of encouragement and ensure you’re having a great time while you punch up your game.

If you’re the type of warrior who gets butterflies in your stomach when you think about being the newbie in the room, one way to take the edge off your nerves is to simply be upfront about your beginner status. Get to class a few minutes early, talk to the trainer, and let them know it’s your first class. They’ll know to add a bit more explanation to the moves they’re asking you to do, and they’ll keep an eye on your form to make sure you’re learning how to do every move correctly from the beginning.

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They’re a great total-body workout
X3’s Beginner and Advanced Boxing classes will use your muscles from head to toe, plus give you a great cardio workout. Newbies will discover that punching is more about the legs and the hips than the arms, and more experienced warriors will learn ways to fine-tune their techniques. 

And no matter how seasoned you are, you’ll gain an appreciation for all the elements that come together—bobbing and weaving, combos, footwork, head movement, and more—to create an amazing and energizing full-body workout. 

They’re different every time you go

Your body is great at adapting, so to avoid plateaus, you need to keep your muscles and your brain guessing. Changing up your workouts is one of the best ways to do that, and that’s another reason X3’s Atlanta boxing classes are so beneficial. From day to day, class to class, and trainer to trainer, you’ll be using a varying mix of cardio-building, mobility-building, strength-building, dexterity-building, confidence-building, flexibility-building (so much building) exercises that will improve your fitness and keep you on your toes. 

Classes generally include heavy bag work, shadow boxing, focus mitt drills, and strength and conditioning exercises. 

Here are a few of the exercises you might experience in a beginner boxing class:

  • Bag work: This is probably what you think of when you think of a boxing class. You’ll stand in front of a heavy bag and throw punches at it.
  • Shadowboxing: This exercise, which can be used as a warm-up or workout, involves throwing punches at the air instead of at a bag or at a physical opponent. This drill is particularly good for gaining the muscle memory needed to get in the habit of keeping your hands up.
  • Focus mitt drills: This exercise uses hand-held pads called “mitts” that trainers wear. Participants punch the pads without hurting the trainers. There are many different kinds of drills yet each one focuses on helping you improve your reflexes, technique, or strategy. For example, in the “call and catch,” the trainer asks or “calls” for specific punches, and the participant executes them.
  • Strength exercises: These are activities that help you strengthen your muscles and improve your overall boxing abilities. These could include push-ups, planks, crunches, squats, and lunges.
  • Conditioning exercises: Activities that help you improve your conditioning, like jogging around the room, jumping rope, or—that middle-school staple—doing jumping jacks.
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We hope these tips and tricks help you feel confident walking into a boxing class at any of our locations: North Marietta, Marietta, Inman Park, West Midtown, or Athens. And if you’re a beginner, just remember that you’re learning a new skill, so be patient with yourself, take a break when you need one, and ask for help when you’re feeling lost. Speaking of help, if you have any questions at all, you can always reach out to us or, if you’re in the club, visit the front desk.

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