HIIT Kickboxing Is For Everyone

The instructors are very credible, knowledgeable, and inviting. The overall experience makes working out something I look forward to every day.


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HIIT Kickboxing Is For Everyone

Are you looking for an intense workout routine that constantly evolves to keep you on your toes? Let HIIT kickboxing supercharge your exercise routine and help you reach your fitness goals faster. 

Did You Know?

Our HIIT kickboxing group workouts are packed with bursts of cardio movement and technical skills practice. The stop-and-go intensity of this interval training helps you to burn calories faster than running and other traditional cardio workouts. With pivots, punches, kicks and shuffling movements, you’ll tone your core, arms and leg muscles. 

So, what makes kickboxing one of the most popular workout classes in Atlanta? At X3 Sports, you’ll join a high-energy group of athletes and world-class trainers pushing to unlock new personal achievements.

Whether you’re brand new to the sport or a veteran looking to improve form, strength and ability, our HIIT kickboxing classes will help you level up.  Here’s a few reasons why X3 Sports has been voted Atlanta’s best kickboxing gym

Beginner Friendly Classes 

You’ll never feel lost in an X3 Sports HIIT kickboxing class. Our trainers take time each class to instruct first-timers on proper form so that you can learn self defense techniques while keeping your bones and joints safe. Don’t have equipment? No idea how to wrap your hands? We’ll help you rent and use the correct gear. 

Our HIIT kickboxing classes are open to all fitness levels. At first, you may need to adjust the intensity of your maneuvers. As you improve your stamina, your trainer can help you safely dial up the intensity so you’ll be continuously challenged.

All The Equipment You Need

At X3 Sports, you’ll meet one of your greatest sparring partners: a 120lb heavy bag. Our Atlanta HIIT kickboxing classes feature rows of industry standard punching bags that are lined on racks. These real heavy bags provide the exact resistance you need to tone your deltoids, abs, quads and triceps. 

Our facilities also have free workout spaces and exercise equipment. We highly encourage you to warm up and cool down before and after class. 

Each of our locations features a store that’s staffed with qualified trainers who can advise you on the proper safety equipment. All you have to do is show up on the first day of your training and we’ll make sure to set you up for a successful class.

Shed Up To 900 Calories in One Class

HIIT kickboxing is one of the most effective cardio workouts. You will hit and pivot around our punching bags in a series of technical high-endurance maneuvers. To get through the interval movements, your body will dip into fat stores and you’ll burn up to 30% more calories than running. High intensity workout classes help you lose weight and tone muscles. They boost your cardiovascular system and improve heart health. 

Reduce Stress

Had a rough day at work? Going through a difficult time? HIIT kickboxing classes help to reduce stress by giving you an outlet to safely take out your aggression. When throwing punches in technical martial arts form, relieving stress never felt so gratifying.

X3 warriors leave class feeling happy and surrounded by supportive community. 

Constant Variety

One reason why kickboxing is so popular in Atlanta right now? Every single class is different. Our trainers take care to build HIIT kickboxing classes that are ever-shifting so that no one- class ever feels the same. Through a mix of endurance, strength and techniques practice, you’ll continually feel mentally and physically challenged.

Each class may differ by routine, speed, intensity and music, but all of them offer a full-body workout leaving you drenched in sweat. Variation ensures that each of your muscle groups are targeted at different, strategic times to maximize effectiveness. 

Try HIIT Kickboxing in Atlanta!

If you’re looking to renew your workout routine, we highly recommend trying out a HIIT kickboxing class at X3 Sports. Our Atlanta kickboxing classes are full of energy and excitement, and our trainers will make sure that you feel challenged and rewarded.

With seven locations dispersed across Athens, Marietta and Atlanta, we strive to meet Georgia athletes in convenient locations. Our facilities are clean, safe, comfortable and welcoming, and our staff are eager to show you all the best that kickboxing has in store. 

Now is the time to take your fitness routine to the next level. Book your FREE class today.

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