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What better way to reach your fitness goals than with an empowering group kickboxing class that’s fun AND produces results fast!? The kickboxing classes for beginners near Athens at X3 Sports might just be the catalyst you need to unlock a healthier, happier life. You’ll join a vibrant fitness community taught by high-caliber professional trainers and quickly see the payoff of your hard work. Are you ready to level up? We think you are!

Did You Know?

Kickboxing is a highly effective full-body workout that relies on the power of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to help you shed unwanted weight and sculpt lean muscles. Our kickboxing classes for beginners near Athens are welcoming and instructive – no experience needed. At X3 Sports’ kickboxing classes in Athens, you can expect to:

  • Burn calories faster than weight lifting or jogging
  • Improve overall strength and coordination
  • Build up your cardiovascular system

Read more about kickboxing’s health benefits and why X3 was voted No. 1 for kickboxing in the area by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution!

Beginner Friendly Classes

It can be intimidating to learn something new, but at X3 Sports, we make it easy to take that first step out of your comfort zone. Our kickboxing classes for beginners near Athens are open to all, no matter your fitness and experience level. X3 trainers design versatile classes and carefully explain each new move to keep your bones and joints free from unnecessary strain. They’ll provide individualized feedback so that no one ever feels lost or intimidated. Since kickboxing largely uses your own body weight and the resistance of a sandbag, it’s easy to progress at your own pace and dial up the intensity when you’re ready for the additional challenge.

Real Heavy Bags

When you come to the kickboxing classes for beginners near Athens at X3 Sports, all you have to do is show up ready to sweat. Our five conveniently located gyms across the Atlanta Metro Area, including one location in Athens on S Milledge Avenue, are packed with 120-pound bags, wrestling mats, free workout space, and cardio equipment such as treadmills. You can visit the gear shop onsite to buy or rent other gear you might want to use, such as hand wraps. If you have no idea what you might need, ask our staff! They’ll be happy to show you the ropes.

Burn Up To 900 Calories

Kickboxing torches calories during class and keeps your metabolism elevated for hours. During HIIT workouts, you’ll be alternating between periods of high intensity and rest, which helps to strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system while elevating your metabolic rate. In order to get through each burst, your body will need to dig deep – literally pulling from your fat stores – in order to amass the energy it needs to get through the exercise. You can burn between 700 and 900 calories at our kickboxing classes for beginners near Athens, exceeding what you can burn weight lifting or jogging in the same period of time.

Constant Variety

You’ll never hit the dreaded fitness plateau when you take X3 Sports’ kickboxing classes for beginners near Athens. Not only will routines shift from class to class, but each class is also highly versatile. We cycle through fundamental kickboxing training and strength and conditioning exercises, touching on nearly every muscle group. Since no class is ever the same, your body will be challenged to work in overdrive to hit each new milestone.

Stress Relief

As great as our kickboxing classes for beginners near Athens are as physical workouts, they’re just as amazing at alleviating stress and boosting confidence. When you walk into X3 facilities, you’ll be inundated with an infectious energy that pulsates through our gym, members, and staff. Your instructor will set a motivational tone with pump–up music and everyone will be rooting for each other’s success. As with most types of intense physical workouts, you’ll be awash with feel-good chemicals like endorphins and dopamine. Plus, it’s incredibly gratifying to smash a bag when you’re in a bad mood!

Level Up at X3 Sports

With so many mental and health benefits, there’s no reason not to give our kickboxing classes for beginners near Athens a try! We provide a wide variety of class times across our five locations and make it easy to seamlessly incorporate kickboxing into your routine. Dare to take a leap out of your comfort zone and level up your life? Book your first class for free today!  


Fitness kickboxing is a whole body workout that will have you dripping in sweat, breathing heavily, challenging your strength and endurance, and cheering alongside other like-minded athletes. Join us for an hour of aerobic intensity and begin looking and feeling better in no time.

We receive a lot of questions from people interested in our Fitness Kickboxing program. Read our Fitness Kickboxing Questions Answered blog post for answers to some of the most common questions. It’ll help you prepare for your first class. And don’t forget to book your free class today!

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