Top 6 Benefits of Kickboxing for Women

Kickboxing is the perfect workout for women looking to challenge their minds and bodies. Women who kickbox don’t just see physical results – they also experience mental benefits that can help them face whatever challenges life throws their way. 

The benefits of kickboxing for women are far-reaching and can have lasting impacts on all aspects of their lives. From making new friends to feeling more confident, there are several reasons women are embracing kickboxing as their go-to workout.

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Benefits of Kickboxing for Women

Here are six reasons why kickboxing for women is becoming more popular across the country.

1. Boost confidence and mental focus

Exercise in general, can help women improve their mental focus. Men and women who exercise regularly have more mental clarity and confidence inside and out. 

Kickboxing goes the extra mile by boosting women’s confidence and feelings of empowerment. The practice of overcoming a physical challenge leads to significant gains in mental toughness, which is a major benefit of kickboxing for women. 

Finally, kickboxing requires balance training, which has been shown to improve spatial awareness and memory in men and women.

2. Learn self-defense moves

Learning self-dense is another benefit of kickboxing for women.  

Kickboxing teaches women valuable self-defense moves they can use if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation. Knowing how to react quickly to a physical threat is empowering and another reason that kickboxing for women is becoming so popular. 

3. Lose weight and burn body fat

It’s hard to find a workout that works as many muscles as kickboxing. It is an all-body workout that engages the upper body, lower body, and core through various exercises and movements. 

In addition to high-intensity routines involving kicking and punching, kickboxing training incorporates jump rope, core exercises, and circuit training. It’s the ideal all-in-one workout for women who want to get fit and toned without spending hours in a weight room.

4. Improve cardiovascular health

Kickboxing is an effective cardio workout that can improve lung function and heart health. Research has found that people who participated in kickboxing three times a week for one hour at a time increased their maximum oxygen uptake (also known as VO2max).

The VO2max measures the amount of oxygen a person can use during physical activity. The higher it is, the more efficiently the body uses oxygen.

5. Reduces stress

There’s no better way to shake off a tough day than with a workout. Kickboxing for women allows participants to channel their stress into a killer workout. Women can metaphorically punch and kick their anxiety away on the mat as their bodies release endorphins that help them feel better after training. 

As a bonus, kickboxing can also help women sleep better. Getting enough sleep at night is vital for combatting stress and anxiety.

6. Make new friends  

One of the most essential benefits of kickboxing for women is meeting other people who share the same fitness goals and values. Kickboxing class participants will cheer each other on and help each other reach new heights. These friendships can help keep women motivated and often extend outside the studio.

What Makes X3 Unique

X3 is the perfect place for women looking to try kickboxing. There is a range of classes, including beginner-friendly classes that introduce women to the sport. These classes gradually build in intensity, giving participants opportunities to learn the fundamentals of kickboxing before moving to the next level. 

X3 uses 120-pound bags that offer resistance training, helping women tone their abs, legs, and arms as they get a great cardio workout. Class participants frequently lose between 700 and 900 calories per class session, and it’s not uncommon for people who lose as much as 15 pounds in their first month of training. 

Try Kickboxing for Women at X3

The best way to get all these benefits is to try a kickboxing class in person. X3 Sports offers a free class for anyone interested in seeing what kickboxing is all about. This class is open to anyone 18 and older looking for a great workout to challenge their minds and bodies. Register for a free class today.

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