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    A kickboxing class is an intense cardio workout that builds lean muscle and endurance with a martial arts foundation. When practiced consistently, kickboxing builds real-world self-defense skills while accelerating fitness goals.

    When you join a kickboxing class at X3 Sports, you will be participating in a high-energy group activity that boosts your metabolism, builds lean muscle throughout your body, and enhances cardiovascular health. Every kickboxing class meshes components of heavy bag work with strength and endurance conditioning, resulting in a well-rounded workout bursting at the seams with mental and physical benefits.

    Did you know that by participating in a kickboxing class you’re participating in one of the fastest-growing workouts in Atlanta? Kickboxing is designed for people of all fitness and experience levels. Check out some of the most exciting benefits of kickboxing below:

    1. Lose Weight

    You heard that right. Kickboxing is one of the most effective cardio workouts out there, helping participants burn more calories than less-dynamic types of cardiovascular exercise, such as running, cycling and swimming, in the same period of time.

    Kickboxing classes

    During X3’s one-hour kickboxing class, the average person can burn between 700-900 calories, which means you can lose weight up to four times faster than a traditional workout. Of all the newcomers we’ve talked to, we can tell you this: when paired with the right nutrition, it’s not uncommon to drop up to 10 pounds in one month with consistent kickboxing practice.

    Kickboxing is considered high intensity interval training, which is defined by bursts of maximum energetic output in between brief periods of rest. HIIT workouts are extremely effective at burning calories, shedding unwanted fat, and toning muscles because they force your body to dig into its fat stores in order to amass the energy you need to make it through the next high-intensity burst. This type of training elevates your metabolic rate and can keep your metabolism burning for hours after class.

    2. Boost Your Mood

    What better way to alleviate stress than by hitting a heavy punching bag? In an X3 kickboxing class, take out all your aggression in a safe and healthy way on a 120lb inanimate object. Kickboxing class is an effective mood booster because of all the feel-good chemicals that are released in your brain during exercise. You’ll boost endorphins as you sweat your way through endurance training and be lifted even higher by your supportive classmates and instructors. Kickboxing class can elevate your mood and build a confidence that you’ll carry with you throughout the day and in your life.

    3. Learn Self Defense

    Since every X3 Sports class is taught by experienced professional fighters, you’ll learn some of the same techniques that are used in mixed martial arts competitions. Not only is proper form critical to making sure you’re reducing the opportunity for injury, it also teaches important self-defense skills. Knowing how to kick and punch effectively increases empowerment and self-esteem, and gives you a base foundation should you ever see a real-life altercation. At kickboxing class, you’ll build muscle memory so that you’ll more easily and subconsciously be able to spring into protection mode.

    Kickboxing builds the core muscles and agility you would need to protect yourself in a combat situation. Importantly, it also boosts awareness of your surroundings, increasing the chances that you’ll be able to identify danger and preemptively remove yourself from a situation before it turns sour. Your instructor may sometimes even incorporate moves from other types of martial arts, giving you a well-rounded knowledge of self-defense while sculpting your muscles from head to toe.

    4. Change Your Workout Routine

    A lot of people can get stuck doing the same workout routine because it becomes convenient, familiar and easy. But you will hit a plateau at some point with static exercise and stop seeing results. In order to kickstart your workout and begin charging once again towards your fitness goals, consider a kickboxing class.

    No one class at X3 Sports is ever the same. We are constantly changing the routines to add an element of surprise and keep you mentally and physically challenged. With so much variety, you’ll prevent a plateau, even if you’re engaging in consistent kickboxing practice. A constantly evolving exercise routine will prevent you from getting bored, which increases your chances of keeping up with it for a longer period of time. Plus, as your body is pushed in new and different ways each kickboxing class, your body will be forced to work harder, helping you to burn more calories.

    5. See Results

    Our goal in every kickboxing class is to maximize the effectiveness of your workout routine so that you’re moving confidently toward your fitness goals. Our professional instructors will guide you through the class at your own pace and help you to turn up the notch on the intensity when you are ready for more of a challenge. Even if you have never worked out before, it’s never too late to start. You will be seeing results and be well on your way to feeling lighter, stronger and happier as early as the first month!

    What to Expect in Kickboxing Class

    Whether you’ve never taken a fitness class or are seasoned in combat sports, you will be able to find a kickboxing class that works for your fitness and experience level. We provide everything you need for a successful kickboxing class; all you have to do is show up ready to sweat.

    During your kickboxing class, you can expect foundational kickboxing instruction and drills to be intermixed with more traditional strength and conditioning training, such as pushups and burpees. Your instructor will take time to teach proper form so that you’re building a solid foundation, and offer individualized instruction throughout class to keep you on track. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re feeling lost. And feel free to show up early to talk with our professional team on-site about the equipment.

    Each one of our classes begins with a brief warm-up and ends with a cool-down, but we encourage you to come before or stay after class and take advantage of the gym’s ample free workout space and cardio machines.

    Visit X3 Sports And Take A Kickboxing Class 

    With so many benefits, it’s clear why kickboxing has become one of the most popular fitness classes among men and women. X3 Sports has world-class trainers, clean facilities and a vibrant fitness community, which is why we’ve been voted best kickboxing in Atlanta! With five locations spread across Atlanta, Marietta and Athens, and an assortment of convenient class times, X3 Sports meets you where you are, on your time.

    Book your first kickboxing class with X3 Sports for free today to see if a membership is right for you!

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