Discover Atlanta's Top Group Workout Classes for Women

Group Workout Classes for Women

Hey, Atlanta ladies! Are you ready to ditch the solo workout routine and dive into something more vibrant, motivating, and fun? X3 Sports has just the thing: group workout classes for women that are all about empowering and energizing you and making fitness a joyous part of your life.

Find Your Fitness Family with Group Workout Classes for Women

It's time to transform your fitness journey from a solitary quest to a shared adventure. Nestled in the heart of Georgia's buzzing communities—Marietta, North Marietta, Inman Park, Athens, and West Midtown—X3 Sports is your go-to spot for the best group workout classes for women. From the empowering strikes of Kickboxing to the serene flows of Yoga, we offer a smorgasbord of courses that cater to every mood, goal, and fitness level. Imagine stepping into a space where your fitness dreams are supported and celebrated, where every workout is a group triumph.

Boost Your Motivation in a Collective Buzz

There's a special kind of magic in the energy of group workout classes. It's about being part of a tribe of women who cheer for every push-up, celebrate every punch, and lift you when you think you can't go on. This isn't just about getting fit; it's about finding strength in numbers and motivation in the shared grind. The collective enthusiasm in our classes makes "can't miss a session" your new mantra. With the community comes accountability, commitment, and the thrill of pushing beyond your limits together.

Wave Goodbye to the Workout Monotony

Boredom? We don't know her. The variety in our group workout classes for women keeps your fitness journey exciting and unpredictable. Whether you're throwing jabs in cardio kickboxing, mastering poses in Yoga, or facing the exhilarating challenge of MMA, our classes keep you curious and engaged. This diversity spices up your workout routine and ensures you're constantly challenging your body in new ways, hitting all those muscle groups, and smashing those fitness plateaus.

Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Professional Coaches: Your Personal Cheerleaders

What's better than working out? Working out under the watchful eye of professional coaches who can make you sweat, smile, and soar. Our coaches are not just trainers; they're mentors who guide you through every punch, kick and pose with expertise and encouragement. They ensure your workouts are safe, effective, and perfectly aligned with your fitness goals. Their personalized support and strategic insights help you level up in ways you never thought possible.

Build Mental Toughness in a Circle of Support

The journey through fitness is as much about building mental resilience as it is about physical strength. In our group workout classes for women, you'll discover the power of collective challenge and support. This shared struggle fortifies your mental toughness, equipping you with a resilience that transcends the gym walls.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

At X3 Sports, we understand that wellness is a full-circle endeavor. That's why our community extends beyond just workouts. From nutritional advice to wellness coaching, we're here to support you in every aspect of your health. It's about cultivating a lifestyle that's as nourishing to the mind as it is to the body.

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The Sheer Joy of Working Out Together

Let's face it: fitness is more fun with friends. Our group workout classes for women burst with joy, laughter, and that unbeatable feeling of collective accomplishment. Each session celebrates movement, a challenge to be better, and a chance to make lasting memories with your fitness family.

Ready to join a community where fitness meets fun, support, and empowerment? X3 Sports is your destination for the best group workout classes for women in Atlanta. Let's sweat, laugh, and grow stronger together. Welcome to the family!

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Additional classes to keep you at the top of your game:



Burn calories, improve footwork, and increase hand-eye coordination learning "The Sweet Science" from our skilled trainers. Whether your goal is to earn a world championship belt or simply lose few inches off your waist, our boxing class will give you the highest confidence both inside and outside of the ring.



Fast Track is a unique mixture of cardio and resistance training that utilizes sports training exercises to help you lose weight, tone muscle and improve your coordination. As an alternative to outdoor boot camp classes, Fast TrackSM gets results, whether you have fitness goals or want to increase your sports performance.



Power TrackSM is an instructor-led, weight-training group class developed by X3 Sports. Using a variety of exercises derived from three basic lifts—bench press, squat, and deadlift—certified strength conditioning instructors closely supervise you to ensure correct form and technique. This class promotes muscle confusion and cognition, which aids in losing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass.



When you're ready to up your game, our advanced boxing classes help you boost speed, eye-hand coordination, endurance, and more. Our experienced trainers have the skills to take you to the next level.



Whether you're looking for the best system of self-defense, wanting a challenging way to stay active, or hold aspirations of competition, our world-class professors welcome all beginners through black belts onto the mats.



X3 Sports MMA classes will teach you MMA fundamentals and combined techniques. If you're a beginner, you'll learn the basics of striking, submissions, and wrestling—and how to blend them all together. When you're ready for more advanced moves, our world-class trainers will help you improve your skills. They can even train you to become a professional fighter.



Yoga is a great way to balance your workout routine. X3 Sports Yoga classes will help you increase flexibility, tone muscles, reduce stress, increase core strength and stability, and develop better focus.


Youth Martial Arts

Kids and Teens in our X3 Sports youth programs learn discipline and fundamental techniques from experienced coaches. Our class-based training provides a positive outlet and increases focus, discipline, and school performance.



Personal training sessions can be one-on-one, or within a small group. You are able to specify your training based on your goals, or focus on progressing in any of our classes offered.


Try out one of our classes and see what you can accomplish.