New Year Fitness Spike: Avoid the Crash, Aim for Consistent

Resolution Who?

Resolutions are so last year. Revolutionize the way you think about yourself and your fitness for the New Year! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be kind to ourselves. Keep your goals flexible and sustainable, and don’t  restrict yourself with a set of high, unrealistic standards. 

Let’s turn this fresh year into a trackable reset. Here are some common fitness resolutions that we’ve remixed to be more attainable and just as rewarding (maybe more). 

  • No carbs in 2021 → Limit carb intake to one meal a day! 
  • Lose 30lbs → Gain x lbs in muscle
  • Fit into my jeans from 5 years ago → Feel comfortable in all my clothes
  • Look like certain celebrities → Stop comparing myself to others

Give yourself grace by customizing a plan that suits your self-improvement goals. The busyness of everyday life can bury your daily goals. Don’t let it! Keep a log of your mindset, actions, and goals to remind yourself of the progress being made, no matter how incremental they might be. 

Consistency is Key

X3 is all about bringing out the warrior inside you, not transforming you into somebody else’s idea of what makes a warrior. Listening to your body is an important approach to better understanding your needs and limits. Instead of reacting to a picture of yourself, a glance in the mirror, or a short-lived spurt of energetic inspiration, decide to appreciate yourself. You don’t have to exercise every day to see a pay-off. Why not try for twice a week? Or, instead of eliminating and restricting your eating habits, make a few trades. Trade your post-dinner ice cream for banana soft-serve — just blend two frozen bananas with a piece of dark chocolate for a super satisfying treat.

Here are a few more attainable trade-outs for long-term results and retainment. 

  • If you have a pup at home, extend your 3x daily walks a few more blocks. Not only will your pup thank you, but your mental and physical health will benefit without feeling like you’ve tried. 
  • Water yourself like it’s a reward. Every time you consume something or drink a beverage, pair it with a glorious glass of water. Tell yourself one cannot happen without the other. Drinking water may be the oldest advice in the book but we cannot stress enough how important it is for your total wellbeing. Create a habit of keeping water at all times. 
  • Work out at the same time every day. You’ll eliminate the excuse to postpone because it’ll be a staple in your schedule. Coworkers, kids, spouses will learn to let you have your lunges without interruption. 

X-periment with Movement

In order to stay consistent, you have to like what you’re doing! This doesn’t mean you have to stick to one activity or a single source of exercise. Consistency is more about time, place, and frequency and less about the type of movement you’re practicing. 

X3 is more than a gym because our facility and philosophy don’t simply leave you to your own devices. You’ll be equipped with options, routines, and long-lasting techniques that you can take with you outside our doors. We encourage an open-minded approach to finding what works for you. Our classes vary greatly by style and trainer technique! Try everything. Find what works for you and allow yourself to pick and pull from each class to incorporate it into your everyday life. Maybe you can’t perform kickboxing daily, but you can throw three sets of high kicks in your kitchen while lunch cooks. Develop your fitness based on your lifestyle for ultimate cohesion and let our experts at X3 help. 

Happy New Year to all our current warriors and curious potential new warriors!