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Classes at X3 Sports

Meet Carceron, X3’s Platnium Fight Sponsor

X3 Sports recently interviewed Chad Massaker, CEO & President of Carceron. Read the interview to find out more about Carceron and Chad and how he has successfully built his company. 1. What is Carceron?    Carceron is Atlanta’s most customer-recommended IT firm on in Atlanta. Carceron provides managed IT services (outsourced helpdesk & monitoring), cloud…

Classes at X3 Sports

Why CrossFit may not be a fit: The difference between Fast Track and CrossFit

X3 Sports Fast Track Class Since the first CrossFit gym opened in 1995, it has become one of the world’s hottest and controversial workouts. While CrossFit can be a great workout for some, there are several reasons why I believe it is not appropriate for others. I want to point some of those out and also…

Classes at X3 Sports

Let’s be honest…

Hey Everyone. Those of you who have a lost a lot of weight or have just changed a lot since changing your lifestyle, do you really like yourself or what? Ok, good. Me too. I just stalked my Facebook pictures and holy moly wow I’m different. It’s not just that I look different, though. I…

Classes at X3 Sports

It’s better than it sounds

X3 Sports has recently partnered with Fresh N Fit to bring you X3 in the Kitchen. This service is an opportunity for X3 to continue to help you reach fitness and nutritional goals. Fresh N Fit creates freshly cooked pre-prepared meals that you can just pick up from any of our X3 Sports locations! The …

Classes at X3 Sports

Rob and John’s Tips