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A Dose of “Supplemental” Knowledge

Green juices, powdered protein, B12 injections — the list of supplements goes on and on, twisting and turning down endless paths to a “best self.” Generally speaking, vitamins and supplements are an accessible way to help your body replenish itself as you’re working it. But how do you know which ones might be right for…

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Care for Your Fascia with these 7 Easy Steps

We’re back with Part Two of our fascia series! Now that we know a bit more about what it is, where it is, and why it’s so important, let’s take a closer look at fascial-specific pain points and how to repair and care for this super substance! Remember, fascia is the smooth, slippery tissue that…


Why Fascia Might be the Secret to Your Fitness Woes

If you were to ask anyone what holds them back from performing physical fitness on a regular basis, they are likely to give you a few standard answers, usually falling into the categories of time, enjoyment, and comfort. A lot of people say there’s not enough space in their busy schedules to work out. Others…

Motivation Made Easy | Motivate Yourself | X3 Sports

Motivation Made Easy

Everyone needs motivation, but often, it’s nowhere to be found! For some, it’s hiding in the plush down of their favorite comforter, for others, it gets sucked into their favorite TV show or slips into the grips of queso and cerveza.  Motivation is like laundry. We know it’s there and needs to be addressed, but…

Yoga as a Prevention and Cure | Mind, Body & Spirit | X3 Sports

Untapped Health: Yoga as a Prevention and Cure

What is yoga other than an excuse to wear stretchy pants 24/7? Yoga is not all trend-chasing and namaste puns. In fact, yoga is as much about the mind as the body. Whether you’re new to the practice or an avid participant in yoga, let’s take a look at the invaluable benefits of meditation through…

MMA Competition X3 Sports | X3, A History: The Brilliant Madness Behind the X3 Method

X3, A History: The Brilliant Madness Behind the X3 Method

As X3 Sports continues to move forward ahead, past the 2020 challenges and pandemic setbacks, we thought we’d get with our founder Mike Littrel to refresh ourselves on all things X3 from conception to intention to the ever-evolving execution.  The Triple X Vision X3 is anything but a gym; that’s apparent the minute you walk…

A Sustainable New You: 5 Tips for Setting Healthy Resolutions and Sticking to ‘Em

A Sustainable New You: 5 Tips for Setting Healthy Resolutions and Sticking to ‘Em

The New Year is all about goal setting. Beginning at the beginning is a great way to track your progress. As we talked about in our last blog, making more sustainable New Year’s resolutions is an important ingredient to success. In this post, we’ve got 5 more tips for setting and keeping your healthy goals.…

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New Year Fitness Spike: Avoid the Crash, Aim for Consistent

Resolution Who? Resolutions are so last year. Revolutionize the way you think about yourself and your fitness for the New Year! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be kind to ourselves. Keep your goals flexible and sustainable, and don’t  restrict yourself with a set of high, unrealistic standards.  Let’s turn this fresh year…

Edible Fitness: Giving Old Pumpkins Purpose | X3 Sports

Edible Fitness: Giving Old Pumpkins Purpose

If you love carving pumpkins, odds are they look scarier now than they did on Halloween. Or maybe you keep a few uncarved gourds around your house for fall. But what to do with them when time’s up? For those without wooded backyards and deer aplenty, chucking the big orange busts out the backdoor is…


Trainer Spotlight: Aaron Taylor

Looking to reach your fitness goals? Our fitness coaches have got you covered. Take a look at Aaron Taylor, one of our dynamic fitness coaches who teaches Kickboxing, Fast Track, and boxing. We recently sat down and got to know a little bit more about Aaron’s teaching philosophy and his lifestyle. Aaron takes pride in…