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Think about the things you could accomplish if you didn’t experience fear.  It holds us back from accomplishing many things in life and is one of the most common reasons people procrastinate.

So what’s holding you back from working out?  Is it fear of being judged, fear of failing, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of commitment, fear of not getting the results you want quick enough or simply just fear of doing something outside your comfort zone?

Whether it’s one or all of these, your fear is actually very common.  We know this because we see it daily when signing up new members.  Part of our job is to keep people motivated and help them overcome their fears, so here are a few tips we compiled on how to conquer your fear of exercising.

Establish where the fear comes from – Fear is your brain’s natural protection mechanism and it has been molded through your life experiences.  To identify your specific fears, look back to determine if something in particular has triggered the fear. Maybe it was an injury from a past workout or maybe you did not reach a previous goal you set for yourself. It may not even be exercise related. It could be that you have failed at something in the past and the fear of failing again is holding you back. Once you establish where it came from it will be easier to conquer. You may realize that after you identified your fear(s), you were holding onto something completely unrelated or that this situation is different….or that what you fear is not as big of a deal as you thought.

Change your attitude – Fear of looking like an idiot – This is probably one of the most common fears. Anything can happen when you exercise, especially when you take a lot of sweaty people put them in a class, let them punch a bag, handle kettle bells, medicine balls and weights. If you drop a weight or miss kicking the bag or do something how-to-overcome-fear-change-your-lifeelse where you want to crawl in a corner and die, just laugh it off . More often than not, people are too concerned about themselves to worry about those around them. But at X3 we can at least help relieve your fear of looking silly before trying a class. All of our classes are beginner friendly and our instructors walk you through routines during classes. We have also created a Beginners Guide to Kickboxing for those who want to be more at ease when trying a kickboxing class for the first time.

Be curious – When you are stuck in fear you are closed up. You tend to create division in your world and mind. You create barriers between you and other things/people.  Curiosity opens you up. And when you are open and enthusiastic then you have more fun things to think about than focusing on your fear.  So how do you become more curious?

  • Think about how life was more fun in the past due to your curiosity and remember all the “cool” things your curiosity helped you discover.
  • Try something you have not done before. For example, if you tried a class at X3 and realized it wasn’t for you then try a different class. Or if you haven’t tried a class, step out of your element and be curious. After all, what do you have to lose, it’s free?

Get inspiration – For example if you are afraid of not sticking with a workout routine, not reaching your weight-loss goals or trying something new, look at how others did it. At X3 Sports we have many different success stories of how members came out of their comfort zone to change their lives and how they progressed to reach their goals.

Look at how the fear is impacting your life – It’s natural to avoid taking risks because we are scared of failing, or because we are comfortable in our current situation. But is fear holding you back from being healthy? If so, this can impact your life not only presently but also in the future.

Think about where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Do you currently lack energy throughout the day? Are you sitting on the couch day after day? Are your clothes a little tighter than you would like them to be? Are you as confident as you could be? Do you feel attractive as you would like to feel?  If this is where you are now then think about what you can be accomplishing in the future if you can overcome your fears.

Embrace the Journey – One of the reasons people don’t start a workout is because of the fear of going through the emotional torture of going out in public and being faced with examples of what they are not.  Seeing people with amazing bodies or lifting a large amount of weights can definitely make you feel even more confronted with your own inadequacies.  It’s ok to feel this way; you are not alone. But it is important to know that confidence comes with repetition.  For example:

  • After trying something 4 or 5 times the fear begins to subside and it becomes easier
  • The more you make a habit out of working out and sticking with it the easier it becomes and your fear will no longer be present.

Also, at X3 Sports, we have all types of bodies! Every body is unique and we are proud to have you training and being active! If you have had enough and are ready to conquer your fear, sign up for a free class today!

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